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Thread: Creed Longevity

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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering what the longevity for Creed's ladies fragrances are like. In your experience, which have the best and worst lasting power? The unisex ones too.

    I was thinking of getting Virgin Island Water, Jasmine Eugenie, Fleurissimo, Spring Flower and/or 2000 Fleurs. Just the fragrances along more of the floral line.


    C xx
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    Well I have Jasmine Eugenie and it lasts for hours on me
    Vanisia the same.

    No idea about the others you mention as I don't like them so never bought.

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    I have Fleurissimo and Spring Flower and they last until I wash them off. I've been lucky with Creeds. They tend to last long on me. I have Silver Mountain Water and Acqua Fiorentina as well and they both last long as well.
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