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    Default Article: Laura Ashley considering relaunch of classic scents

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    "Re-create" sounds wonderful; "update" concerns me. If the fragrance is altered much, those bottles on eBay will continue to fetch high prices. I look forward to trying the new version, however. Laura Ashley No. 1 was my wedding scent and will always be special for me.

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    Emma was my first perfume. I hope n1's relaunching will be a success and that I'll be able to find Emma again !

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    Dilly they need to relaunch totally femme fragrance

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    Very exciting! I suppose they have to say 'update' in case half of the ingredients are now banned.

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    Relaunch........of Laura Ashley No.1 I hope it is the same as the original

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    The No.1 bottle is very beautiful, I wonder if they will keep the same design as well.

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    Edit:posted in the wrong section.
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    It's great that so many retro scents are back. I see they've relaunched Tabac but without the tobacco - is that right? And L'Air Du Temps is in fashion again, although I can't smell anything when I spray it. I think these Laura Ashley fragrances were lovely. Simple and elegant. Can't wait to see them in the shops. Does anyone (British) remember Next's perfumes? I remember Floribunda and a green one - those were lovely, too. Has anyone tried Cabotine Moon Flower or Gold? I need some expert opinions before buying online! Thanks
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    I hope they'll consider L'eau also, one of my favorite.

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    It would be wonderful to have Laura Ashley No. 1 back. It is so simple, so complex, and so beautiful all at the same time. Just adore this scent.

    I am worried that they will reformulate it and it will be nothing like the original. If that's the case I just wish they would forget it or name the new one something else. How about Laura Ashley No. 2?
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    At long last! I have so missed No 1, to me it was so much of an English garden. I've never found anything like it and would definitely buy it if they relaunched. I'd be disappointed if it wasn't the same though.

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