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    Default Not diggin' polo black :/

    So I tried polo green the other say and kind of liked it. My wife was not too impressed, she said it was "allright" whatever that means. (btw she really likes Issey Miyake eua d'issey).

    I wore Bulgari aqva today and enjoyed it -- much lighter and fresher then the woody, spicy polo green.

    Then after I got home from a martial arts class, took a shower and spritzed on some polo black - 2 to the chest, one to the back of the neck/hair. Maybe a bit too much, because when my wife walked in the room a few minutes later she said "whew, what'd ya do, pour on the whole bottle?"

    Anyway, I am sitting here, about an hour later, not really digging it. It has a lemony sweet sort of thing which doesn't fit with the other...I don't know, I guess spicy aspect. The fragrance directory says the top notes contain iced mango and green effervescent accord and spanish sage. I don't know what that all means, but I am thinking the mango and the sage together are bothering me. I will say, I like it a little more now that the initial burst has died down a bit. Maybe I will like the drydown or the bassnotes better. But the initial topnotes have put me off a bit.

    Tomorrow I try the blue, and see what happens. Got all three bottles for $50, not too bad, but I'll be a bit disappointed if I only end up liking one of the three. I liked all three of them when I sampled them at the counter (which was a few days after I had done a blind online order). I'm the type that'll try to use them up, even if I don't love them, because I hate wasting stuff.

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    Default Re: Not diggin' polo black :/

    I don't dig black either. I get somewhat of a sour note in it that I dislike.

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    Default Re: Not diggin' polo black :/

    I like Polo Black. The iced melon note is very nice and it reminds me of summer time in Hawaii. The name is misleading b/c the cologne is very light compared to most other Black colognes. Longevity and projection is kinda lacking though.

    Polo Blue's name on the other hand fits the description perfectly. It's got a great melon note and a cucumber note that you may either love or hate. It's very fresh and crisp. It's a compliment getter for sure. Perfect for summer time. It reminds me of sailing on a boat in the pacific ocean on a warm sunny day with the view of Honolulu in the background. Longevity is pretty good for an aquatic at 6-8 hours. The body wash smells even better b/c the cucumber note isn't as pronounced or even missing completely.
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    Default Re: Not diggin' polo black :/

    Go lighter with your application especially if you are new to the fragrance. One spray for new colognes. Wait a half hour and if you can still smell it then one was sufficient. A lot of BNers overspray. My personal opinion is that the fragrance can't be slathered on or it will never develop. It just sits there pooled up on your skin. I think with a few wearings you will be ok. Polo frags aren't too distracting.
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    Default Re: Not diggin' polo black :/

    Quote Originally Posted by DNT View Post
    I don't dig black either. I get somewhat of a sour note in it that I dislike.
    Don't care for it either.

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    Default Re: Not diggin' polo black :/

    In mz opinion, Polo Black is not bad, just a tad too generic for my taste
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    Default Re: Not diggin' polo black :/

    Y'know, I wore this again yesterday, and did not mind it nearly as much; in fact, enjoyed it. I have no idea why, but the "sour" note was barely noticeable to me, and it seemed more of a sweet and spicy mix. I had a bit less on (maybe 2 instead of 2 1/2 sprays). I don't know if that is enough to explain my difference in perception. I do know that I really like the two new frags my wife bought me for the holidays-- Givenchy Play and Kiton-- both much better then the Polo's... at least at the moment. Also, I wore Halston Man Amber, which I can't find in the directory, today, and like this the most of anything I have worn for a full day since I started this adventure.

    I just ordered some more samples-- Creed's-- so we'll see where that goes. I know I will definitely be purchasing a bottle or Royal Aoud though, as I really dug that when I tested it at the mall. We'll see how the samples go, but I think I see some of the following (certainly not all, due to price) in my future: SMW, Vetiver, Original Santal, and I am sampling GIT again (don't think I got an accurate picture of it at the mall) from Creed; and Mugler's A*Men. Possible Versace, either Eau Fraishe or Pour Homme. Just 2 or 3 out of that pile, but it'll be real hard to narrow it down.

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