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    Default [SPLIT] Amouage Homage Attar (Closed)

    Splits full and closed. Thanks!

    I know many members wanted in on a Homage split, so here it is.
    "Created by Amouage for its 25th Anniversary, Homage is centered on rose Taifi, the precious rose oil revered in the East for its rich and sensual aroma. The striking beauty of the rose is illuminated by the rich background of the finest silver frankincense, for which Oman is so famous. The floral, feminine side of the composition, lead by rose, is enhanced by Tayyiba, a luxurious blend of jasmine, sweet amber and white musk, while silver oud and Al Andalus, a subtle blend of orange, lemon and sandalwood, enrich the darker, masculine side of the blend built around frankincense. This enthralling duality, this rose cocooned within a resinous accord makes us think of the legend of Taif, where roses were guarded by the Kings as an invaluable and rare treasure.

    The ingredients in Homage are exceptionally concentrated, so much so that an entire field of rose petals is used to extract enough oil to fill just a tiny bottle, similar in size to the one in which Amouage’s attar is presented. A small drop is applied to the pulse points, and the extraordinary, multi-faceted fragrance will develop over many hours."
    Cost of bottle: $450 shipped.

    Size: 30 ML

    1ml: $15 - compare to nearly $60 via

    Shipping/packaging: $4 US (Priority Mail) // International members (First Class) - PM for exact quote.

    Paypal: 3%


    Any and all questions, please direct them to me via forum PM.

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    Default Re: [SPLIT] Amouage Homage Attar

    Put me down for 1mL please.

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    Default Re: [SPLIT] Amouage Homage Attar (Closed)

    Interested in 1ml if another split open!

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    Default Re: [SPLIT] Amouage Homage Attar (Closed)

    I'm planning on hosting another split of Homage after the new year and will more than likely include Tribute as part of the split, as well. I'll add you to the list for 1ml. If anyone else is interested, please PM me instead of bumping this thread.


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