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    recently i bought this VS "red plum & freesia" perfume from the Singapore Airport & it smells heavenly fruity and bubblegum & sometimes it gives me headache. It was actually a best seller at perfumes and cosmetics. But i am still loving it when compared to other EDP/EDT this lasts long. someone else tried the fruity fragrances of Victoria's Secret?

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    The scents are usually not long lasting, such as the Bombshell scent, even in the EDP. Bombshell is a fruit floral, but with limited longevity. Cute bottle, though.

    They had a line of "fine fragrance" that was released but it was quickly discontinued. Very sad, as I like the Orange Flower scent in the EDP, which was a fresh orange blossom with osmanthus.

    They should stick to body sprays and bath products.
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