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    Default Why is Obsession not considered a chypre?

    Hi all, I'm brand new here because I was thinking about "trading in" my Obsession for something more modern. That led to tons of research and finding out my darling is considered an Oriental. However, I also found a category called chypre, which by definition has a citrus opening and amber bottom note. Isn't that what Obsession is? Thanks for the enlightenment here!

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    Default Re: Why is Obsession not considered a chypre?

    hi carchick and welcome!

    Obsession is an oriental, because it contains resinous ingredients and notes of warmth. They are dominent in amber, and frequently vanilla are used in orientals.

    The chypre category is defined by having basenotes that are a combination of dominant accord of ingredients containing oak moss, labdanum, patchouli and bergamot. Chypres have a sharper, cooler, more "metallic" vibe to them. There might be some that also have amber in them but the defining basenotes are the ones I've listed. Mitsouko is considered the most classic Chypre, although the classification was named after a creation by Coty called Chypre.

    Most scents have citrus in the topnotes because they fade so quickly.

    Enjoy your fragrance journey and keep posting about what you like.dislike in the new scents you try....
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