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    Default New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me


    Jacomo has launched Its Me, a new duo of smartphone-inspired fragrances:

    The house of Jacomo is making history by introducing a brand new perfume concept: its me. Thanks to its smartphone inspired design, its integrated pump, its lightness, it broke all the classic codes of perfumery.

    Its Me For Men (shown) ~ I am vivacious and fruity, heralding a floral, aromatic, woody heart. My scent evolves towards an oriental base, enhanced by an ozone note. With lemon, grapefruit, licorice, patchouli, jasmine, violet, lavender, amber, vanilla, rosewood and musk. In Eau de Toilette.

    Its Me For Women (not shown; white bottle ~ I am a harmonious blend of sparkling sensuality and warmth. My lively, colourful top notes give me a mischievous air. Featuring pineapple, mandarin, licorice, dry fruit, pear, freesia, lily of the valley, jasmine, iris powder, patchouli, sandalwood and musk. In Eau de Parfum.

    The Jacomo Its Me fragrances are $45 / 42 each for 50 ml

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    Will be looking forward to tying this when the opportunity presents itself.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    Well, JdJ Deep Blue was okay but didn't seem on-par with the quality of ingredients featured in their other fragrances. I'm particularly a fan of Jacomo for Men (silver cap) and to a certain extent JdJ Rouge. Hope they rebounded with this one. The notes at least sound intriguing...
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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    thanks for the heads up ... have to see if the ozone and florals inter alia do it in ...

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    “I am vivacious and fruity"

    Not sure if want. The notes sound crappy, and it doesn't help that the concept is designed around trendy gadgets.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    Thanks for the info.

    Might like the scent but I already don't like the package. Reminds of Givenchy Play, a fine fragrance with a mp3 package. Who's the target demographic, 5 year olds...

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    looking forward to try this out...the notes are intriguing me

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    My god it sounds terrible, but I dig that form factor. I'm certain it will look ridiculously passe in six years, too.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Jacomo It's Me

    It's me is so cute!!!
    It is very light so we can bring it everywhere (bag, jacket...)
    And the scents is wonderful! For women, it is very fruity and feminine! I love it!

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