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    Default Beard trimmer AND shaver?

    I want to buy my husband a new beard trimmer and shaver. Can anyone recommend a really good one, money (more or less) no object. Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Beard trimmer AND shaver?

    Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer

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    Default Re: Beard trimmer AND shaver?

    Good afternoon! Couple of things going on here, and I'm a little silly when it comes to my hair and beard. The Braun 7 and the Remington are both excellent electric shavers. I would use one of these two paired with a set of Wahl beard trimmers and guards. The Wahl is so good for the beard that if you take the guards off, your grooming line will be most likely cleaner than if you were to use the straight edge that comes with an electric shaver. Then use the electric shaver for the close to skin surfaces, or a Gillette fusion to clean it up tight. Most have a reverse precision blade for fine tuning/around lips,under the nose. Wahl would be all you need for the beard, and if he doesn't want to clean the edges of the beard with a razor, those two mentioned are great. I use Wahl products for my barber sessions. The blades are great and they are the Glock of hair clippers. They just don't break down or quite unless you drop them or something strange happens. I had a set for 17 years and I kept it oiled and sanitized untill I just set the guy on the shelf out of honor. They just don't go bad really with ample care. Some beard sets even come with a small detail trimmer that's smaller than the palm of the hand and operates off batteries. Game over. Best of luck, and that's nice of you to want to get him these grooming products. To me, they are the foundation of my weekly routines. I've cut my hair twice a week for over 24 years now with only 3 different sets of Wahl clippers. When I decided to grow a beard, they were my first choice for beard grooming. I've used the Remington and Phillips Norelco, but if your growing a beard, an electric razor really isn't needed in my opinion unless it's personal preference. Your only shaving a small portion of hair. Sorry for the long response, hope it may help in some way.
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    Default Re: Beard trimmer AND shaver?

    Seconding especially the Braun suggestion, almost irrespective of the type of electric razor from this brand, the trimmer extension on each on their shavers is always top notch

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    Default Re: Beard trimmer AND shaver?

    Buy Braun or Wahl brand. And buy a PROFESSIONAL shaver. More $ but totally worth it. It'll last longer than the retail/consumer version. Probably going to cost close to $100 or more.
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