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    Default Should I get Frapin 1270?

    I've heard very interesting reviews on this cologne; Someone even said it's the best cologne they've ever smelled! I'm really thinking about getting it, but I don't know if it's worth buying - I've never smelled it. So what do you guys think of this cologne AND is it at all similar to "The One" by D&G?


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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    haven't smelled it myself, but i can't find any BAD reviews. most people just say it isn't for them, so i'd say DO IT haha jk. Get a sample and try it out on your skin first for a couple days. Idk how many times I've loved a fragrance the first time i smelled it and ended up getting annoyed from the smell after buying it.. Good Luck

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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    It's fantastic! It's opening is similar to The One, but is far superior. It is warm, boozy and cozy, and lasts all day. Well worth buying. I bought it blind after reading all the reviews, and it's definitely in my top 5.
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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    It's a great fragrance IMO.

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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    Great scent worthy of a buy, IMO.
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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    Worth every penny....go for it
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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    I relish the beautifully orchestrated gourmand of Frapin 1270 ... initially, one is treated to a whiff of candied orange, lovingly coupled with peppered raisins and varied nuts, and floral hints glimmer as well ... this pleasure-inducing opening yields to a exquisite stew of cognac, sandalwood and amber, which truly anchors the sweetness of the opening and avoids its cloying, so magnificently so, that the spiciness augments the potent, boosy concoction of the heart ... these remarkable, middle notes binding with that promising opening truly transforms the senses to percieve a woodiness that conjures up aging barrels fattened by delightful and fruity cognac ... thence the soothing and warming base, with its honeyed vanilla and woods, beckons to a mellowing drydown ... singularly done ... decent sillage and good longevity ... a lovely and unique gourmand fragrance, wherein the notes complement each other so wonderfully ...

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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    Its very boozy sweet not boozy sharp.

    I can appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    Some people say 1270 is similar to "The One" by D&G - is that true?

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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    I have The one and tried Frapin 1270. No they are not the same in my view. There is no boozy smell to The one compared to Frapin 1270. The one is a great cologne by 1270 is by far a much superior cologne.

    But your also going to be paying twice the amount for it
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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    How does this compare to Spiriteuos Double Vanille.. Both have boozy notes and have a vanilic drydown..

    Any know of a a boozy frag (Michael for Men, SDV) but dries to a heavy amber base rather than synthetic tonka (Michael) or vanilla?

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    Default Re: Should I get Frapin 1270?

    While I can appreciate it, I couldn't own a tote of it it's to similar to The One (to my nose). But I would recommend getting a sample of it as its more money than the average bottle of perfume

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