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    Default Coffee, Vanilla?

    Hey guys I was wondering what recommendations you could make on a fragrance containing these notes, and what you get out of that scent. Any and all help is welcomed!

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    Default Re: Coffee, Vanilla?

    Santal Noble
    Eau de Toilette
    by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier


    Atelier d'Artiste
    Eau de Parfum
    by Nez a Nez


    Asmar Parfum Nektar
    Parfum Extrait
    by SoOud

    Hope this helps!!

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    Default Re: Coffee, Vanilla?

    Pure Coffee
    New Haarlem
    CDG Wood Coffee

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    Default Re: Coffee, Vanilla?

    Pure Coffee
    Vanilla Mokha

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    Default Re: Coffee, Vanilla?

    New Haarlem

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    Default Re: Coffee, Vanilla?

    Play Intense by Givenchy - Upon application, one is pleasantly treated to a refreshing duet of nectarous, mandarin tangerine and somewhat tart bergamot. Tumbling to the waiting middle, the citrus mixes with the slightly spicy and fruity pink pepper and coffee tree wood to brew a sweet, cocoa concoction, and flows to the wondrous base. Transitioning, multifaceted labdanum kidnaps the cocoa mixture and morphs the cocoa into a not unpleasant, tar-like, burnt coffee. The syrupy coffee joins with the woody vetiver, the sweet patchouli, the spicy vanilla of the tonka beans, and the soft, balsamic amyris wood to exude an awesome, mocha drydown. A delectable treat, this radiant composition has excellent longevity and very good projection.

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    Default Re: Coffee, Vanilla?

    Bond No. 9 I Love NY For All. In addition to the coffee and vanilla notes, there's a cocoa note that's especially prominent at the top and some woody notes. Also a bit of patchouli. The vanilla is very, very sweet.

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