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    Default thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    I'm still looking for the perfect fragrance but as i said before, it's really hard to find them in Brazil etc... I like orientals, woody, very sexy and feminine. I really like Opium but I heard many times it's a "old lady's" fragrance. So what do you guys think about Belle D'Opium???

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    I don't consider Opium an old lady's perfume, it's definitely grown up and sexy, it is spicy, incensy and rich. In comparison I find Belle D'Opium rather boring but nice. If you can find it to test it out, I would test before buying. If you can find Caron Parfum Sacre, Estee Lauder Sensuous or Givenchy Organza Indecence, test those out as well. There are a few Brazilians posting here, maybe you can message them and ask for recomendations on sources to find fragrances or get samples.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    I usually don't say things like this but...the new, reformulated Opium (not Belle d'Opium which I did not smell) is pretty bad.
    As a suggestion for something else that you might like, can you find NU edp? It is discontinued but still available here and there. It is absolutely amazing.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Opium is definitely not an old ladies' pefume. However, it is not what it was.

    Belle d'Opium is a travesty.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Back to the good ol' "old lady" slur... lol. Opium is for any woman who can wear it as opposed to be worn by it. Belle d'Opium is an anemic and frail caricature.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    l found Belle d'Opium to be a very disappointing fruity floral, nothing like the powerfully spicy Opium. You said you like Opium, so why worry about what other people think? Thinking it's an "old lady" perfume is a reflection of their ignorance, not your poor taste.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    BDO is just another generic offering IMO. Smells nice but not distinct and doesn't have great strength or longevity. One of many decent fragrances that you could wear daily without offending anyone. It's not the type of unique or interesting fragrance that someone with a rotating collection would look for thus not great for most BNers.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Carolina, I have to agree with the opinions so far. I've always been very fond of the original Opium, there is nothing like it. But it's true, the more recent formulation(s) really have been all downhill. If you do like it, see if you can find some of the "good old stuff, it will certainly be worth it. Also, I've sampled Belle D'Opium and it's okay, but it sure isn't Opium, not even close!

    I wore Opium when I was very young, and never thought it to be old lady at all. If you like it, wear it!

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Rudi View Post
    Belle d'Opium is a travesty.
    I wholeheartedly concur.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Rudi View Post
    Opium is definitely not an old ladies' pefume. However, it is not what it was.

    Belle d'Opium is a travesty.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Holy COW! I am in the minority, as I am such a fan of Belle d'Opium, I have been concocting a review of it for the past two days. A glowing one.

    It excites me particularly because it reminds me of why YSL is a great perfume house. It's because they have dared to break ground almost every time they released a scent. Even if they ended up sleepers, like "Nu", which did not get its "propers" until after its discontinuation. (BTW, Nu is available in a "Nu" formulation, just released. A trusted friend assures me it's quite good.) But SO many others, too, like Jazz, Kouros, Jazz Prestige, Rive Gauche, YSL PH, Y, Body Kouros, Cinema, In Love Again, Elle, Opium, etc., they were total surprises.
    Well, here's why I think Bd'O is no exception: It's a well done fruity Oriental, with a totally obvious stubbed-out-cigarette note and an old school, Shalimar-esque drydown. I think of all the sharp fruity scents out there and what they are perched upon: floral notes, caramels, vanillas, and patchoulis. I cannot think of another that is a true Oriental at its heart, and certainly not another, especially from a designer house, that employs an accord as outre as the smell of ashtrays. (Oh, and that ashtray note is freaky sexy, totally mature [this scent would be obscene on a teen], and really, really evocative of a woman who's been smoking all night.) If it were a niche offering, say from Etat, say, called Smoking Hottie, I think more folks would 'get it', or at least give it a fair shot at telling its raunchy tale. I feel like maybe the flanker-y name, as well as all the crappy designer youth scents that employ names of classics from their houses, are working against Bd'O; we just don't expect that sort of thing to be special. It's also a shame it refers to Opium, of all YSL's classics, as it's suffered the worst reformulation of the lot.
    In short, I think BdO is a daring scent, a good composition, i love the purple bottle, and I even think it feels a little like YSL is 'back'. It makes me happy, that one.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Okay I own it. Now the thing is the word Opium should not be in the name at all. Even the sas call it Belle. It has nothing to do with tradional Opuim in any shape or form and should be treated as its own perfume. Its pleasant easy to wear and appeals to the general perfume buying public. I get compliments when I wear.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    A beautiful review, Hillaire. And thanks to you and Donna I am here to confess that, yes, I have a bottle. In fact I just received it this week after dropping holiday hints to DH.

    I, too, love the new Opium bottle designs (and the original design). The new Opium juice is a yawn for me. I don't think it is bad. I just can't help but compare it to the original which is a strong, confident, radiant beauty. I'm glad I've got the old stuff to keep me awake.

    I didn't even test Bd'O for ages b/c I confused it with Mon Jasmin noir (which I'd tested and dismissed). Then I mindlessly gave it a spritz around Thanksgiving. At first spritz I thought--yeah, this is just going to be a fruit candy. But in seconds it shifted, and I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. The drydown sealed the deal. The rest is history! I rate it "gift-worthy" (would like to receive it as a gift, but wouldn't buy myself). My only complaint is that Belle d'Opium has little longevity. [EDIT: The longevity is *scandalously* weak.]

    But back to the OP, my only advice, CarolinaBass is to both (and try to test the vintage Opium, too), and go with the one9s) you like best.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Well I can't add much to what has already been said but Opium is NOT an old ladies frag, it is a stunning oriental created for the strong. Belle D' Opium is a MESS from top to bottom. I suggest you try & get your hands on some vintage Opium & not the current formula that is well a MESS in it's own right compared to how it was made originally.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    BD'O for me is like a poor man's Coco. Opium can smell so differently on everyone. I was wearing Youth Dew Amber Nude the other day and was 'accused' of wearing Opium
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    It is awful - a disgrace to the Opium name.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    Interesting differences of opinion here. I love Hillaire's review. I haven't tried Belle d'Opium but I certainly will now.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    I happen to enjoy Belle d'Opium. It's not really a flanker, but a new floriental. I think it's like Mauboussin in some ways, and like Parfum Sacre, too, because it get some incense in it, somehow.

    Not bad, but not deplorable.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    I have some vintage Opium that ranks among my favorites of all time. A few days ago, I spritzed a bit of the new on at a perfume counter. Not the same killer stuff, but not horrible. But now I am determined to try Belle! I need a second job....

    But, Opium is in none of its formulations, to me, and old lady scent. It is dark, mysterious, and a bit of a stunner. It asks much of its wearer. Or instead be like me. I wear mine to the grocery store and blatantly sniff my wrist in public. Maybe that is why I don't catch too many viruses going around? My perfume scares them away!
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    I tried some yesterday. I wasn't impressed. I found it something along the lines of "one of the lighter Opium flankers meets Angel." I guess I'm really not into the foody notes. It also didn't last on me -- while Opium, of course, outlasts the wearer and would likely follow her into the grave. But to each his own.

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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    If I has a choice, I would take the Opium hands down.
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    Default Re: thoughts on Belle D'Opium??

    YSL made a big mistake using Opium in the name of Belle d'Opium. It would have better if they had named it Belle and called it a day. That being said I like Belle d'Opium and think it's a nice floriental and I'm thrilled to see others giving it some love!
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