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    Default Anyone know a company or patch fragrance called ... J?

    I was gifted a fragrance today that I don't know who makes it or what it's called. It came in a small black box with only the letter J on it. Open the box and nestled in foam is a thick glass bottle sunk into which is about 2ml of a very, very thick liquid -- more an oil than anything else. The cap unscrews, with a dropper attached to it. On my skin, the oil is indeed oily and does not soak in; instead, it glistens. And it smells like a velvety thick chocolate patchouli, kind of unsettling.

    No markings on the bottle. No markings on the box, just that J. Very classy, very understated ... and, in my case, very confusing.

    Can anyone tell me what this is?
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    Default Re: Anyone know a company or patch fragrance called ... J?

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