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    Red face Purse-Sprays, Roll-Ons, Twist & Sprays, Solid Perfumes etc...

    Hi everyone!
    First of all, im new here on Basenotes! so a big hellooooooo to everybody!
    now.... to my question. (im sorry, i didnt know where to post this exactly so feel free to relocate this post wherever it belongs to)

    so... my question: i am looking for all sorts of purse-perfumes. please help me?
    i know its weird, but i am developing some sort of obsessive love to all sorts of purse sprays. i have quite a few perfumes now in my wardrobe, but i must admit that i dont like carrying them around in my bag, because first of all, its to heavy already, and second: im trying to keep it light, practical and stylish. so when im away all day from morning to evening, i like carrying around a perfume with me, maybe two, to refresh my scent, or maybe even change it throughout the day if the occasion changes. so here is when i detected the wonders of beautiful purse sprays. they are beautiful, practical and not only practical for carrying around, but also for taking on vacation. there is just more space and weight for more little purse sprays than several full 50ml bottles in a suitcase.

    it is not always simple finding these type of carry-around perfumes because many arent even listed in the stores and their internet platforms.
    what i own so far:
    Chanel N5 Eau Premiere Twist & Spray (purse spray)
    Paco Rabanne Lady Million Solid Perfume
    Gucci Gucci Purse Spray
    Gucci Flora Purse Spray
    Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Purse Spray
    Narciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume Roll-On
    and Chlo (Lisy) Pure Perfume Spray (with the leather-case)

    soon im thinking into getting myself Dolce&Gabbana The One Purse Spray, Stella McCartney Stella Purse Spray, YSL Elle Purse Spray, and maybe Chanel Chance or Allure.

    please, if you know any other brands (especially more mainstream because everything niche is very hard to find in vienna but also those are welcome) that have purse sprays or any kind of perfumed-minis for traveling... please please let me know!
    its not that im looking for only those, but i just adore them, i think i want to have a little collection of those beauties of all sorts (im very sad that many are limited so no way to get my hands on many anymore). im not saying i want every single one out there, but i want to at least know every single one that is out there so i can spesifically go testing them, and if i want to buy it, i get myself the little beauty.
    so please help me out and share with me all information and knowledge you know!
    thank you very much in advance
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    Default Re: Purse-Sprays, Roll-Ons, Twist & Sprays, Solid Perfumes etc...

    Welcome to basenotes! I totally have the purse spray obsession myself, I have (like you) Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere, and No.5, Fracas, several Thierry Mugler Angel, Carnal Flower, Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus, and Stila Creme Bouquet...this is a great thread. believe it or not, Amouage makes some travel sprays...I can't wait to hear what you come up with...

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    Juicy Couture do a set of rollerball fragrances

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    Default Re: Purse-Sprays, Roll-Ons, Twist & Sprays, Solid Perfumes etc...

    Estee Lauder has travel size perfumes. See for travel size perfumes sold in USA.
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