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    Default Female scent recommendation for noob

    I've just started wearing perfume again (I wore it in high school, but haven't regularly since then) and I'm looking to expand my collection a tiny bit. I'm 33 and I really can't wear floral scents (not that I don't like them, they just give me headaches). The two fragrances I've been alternating lately are both from an etsy artisan - one has honey and cane sugar notes (but a little light, I think) and the other is black tea, blood orange and spices (this one is amazing). I'd appreciate any suggestions you have!

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    Default Re: Female scent recommendation for noob

    So perhaps you want to start light before moving up? Eau parfumee au the vert by Bulgari smells like tea. If you have access to the niche brand Diptyque, they are quite light and natural smelling. Examples would be l'Eau de Diptyque (spicy, clove), l'Autre (curry), Vetiveryo (sweet vetiver).


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    Default Re: Female scent recommendation for noob

    For orange & spices combined with a delicious amber, try Anne Pliska; you can get samples from

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    Default Re: Female scent recommendation for noob

    Hypnose by Lancome - the marriage of coconuty frangipani with peach provides a tropical sweetness which is nicely countered by a green jasmine. The sparkling top is nicely segued to the warm woody base with its sweet vanilla tempered with an earthy vetiver ... not particularly daring but pleasant and lovely nonetheless ... a well crafted composition ...

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