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    Default Yay had a great fragrant last 24hrs

    Tidied out my cosmetics and cupboards last night. Found a second 5ml sample of Ambre Sultan, a third full bottle of vintage Diorressence, a 5ml sample of Tresor of some sort and 2ml samples of Comme 2, Prada and Prada Eau d'Ambree, Alfonso Eau Fraiche and 2 bottles of Aromafit.

    Today I've discovered escentuals and ordered 2 tester packs with money back on purchase of a full size and a gift pack of Opium far cheaper than the shops, was given a handful of J'Adore samples and best of all asked for and got a sample of Freak. Last in the shopping centre.

    I am one happy Basenoter. Thank you all for reinsuring my love of fragrance

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    Default Re: Yay had a great fragrant last 24hrs

    Enjoy! Vintage Dioressence, yay! I wish I had some of that squirreled away, but I know I don't.

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    Default Re: Yay had a great fragrant last 24hrs

    Reinsuring? Flipping predictive text! Of course I mean reinspiring

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    Default Re: Yay had a great fragrant last 24hrs

    Welcome to Basenotes Alityke! ooooooh Vintage Dioressence and new discoveries- what more could a scent lover ask for? Enjoy, and sniff in good health!
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