What does $2000 a bottle get you? I wondered. The lady at the Creed counter in Holt Renfrew was very kind pointing out the various Creeds, most of which I'd smelled, but then pointed to a haphazardly labelled bottle "these are $300 for the 4oz, but this one's $2000, it's a limited edition there were only a certain number that were made" I immediately grabbed it and drenched a sample card in it, I got tons of Iris, Lavender, a bit of citrus, basically akin to the Prada soapy "Infusion d'Iris, d'etc etc" line. Very pleasant, still didn't like it as much as my favourites (GIT and Silver Mountain Water). But yes, it's a pleasant scent, not as harsh and soapy as the Prada, but no, I wouldn't drop $2000 on it I don't care if Queen Victoria bathed her knickers in it or whatever the story is.