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    Default I received a whole lot of Creed samples today and...

    Of course Windsor is my favorite

    Since I was young I have liked fragrances, and have purchased a few here and there. I do not have a huge collection and actually just gave away most (maybe 20 bottles) to my friend the other day. I kept my Creeds, Fahrenheit, and Armani Mania. Most fragrences I liked at the time I bought them than grew to hate after a few wearings. I discovered Creed literally the worse way one could, by asking the Women at a local botique what the most expensive cologne she had was. She let me try Green Irish Tweed...I bought it. And after going over some of the post here I guess I bought into the whole Creed hype. But TO ME they are different. I don't get a headache from the majority of them, and they are just simple.
    So please don't Creed bash me, I can't help what I like!

    In order favorite to least I own:

    Green Irish Tweed
    Neroli Sauvage
    Original Vetiver
    Silver Mountain Water
    Original Santal
    Millesime Imperial

    Over the last few days I tried most of the other male/unisex Creeds that are (as of today) available on Creed Boutique. The exceptions are Royal Service, Feuilles Vertes, and Sublime Vanille. I also tried Amouage XXV, Lyric, and Epic, and Czech and Specke 88. I applied them with out first looking at what I was trying so I could just judge the scent. Unfortunately, Windsor was my favorite by far. I say unfortunately because of the steep price. I am far far from rich and I actually had to save or received for gifts my others Creeds. I was sampling because I wanted to buy another bottle or two of something, but Windsor is about double what I wanted to spend. But it really is the best I tried, so I am actually considering it. But as I did some research I discovered the whole drama about 1 vs 2 and such. I have a few questions, which I hope to be answered with speculations before I purchase.

    Are the newer generations signed/numbered?
    Can I find an old unopened Flacon anywhere unopened?
    Is 1 and 2 really that different?
    How many Flacons are ACTUALLY produced?
    Will they every "actually" sell out?
    Would Decanting the whole 8 oz into 8 1 oz decants be a bad idea, for preservation

    Finally, I doubt I am Creed's average client, but for some reason I enjoy collecting them. So to others who feel like me can I do better then Windsor? Is Feuilles Vertes this good? Anything similar for cheaper? Do you think it will be a regretful purchase?
    Sorry for the long first ramble, I just am trying to get talked into or out of pulling the trigger on this. Thank you.

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    Default Re: I received a whole lot of Creed samples today and...

    Just buy it already. Life is short

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    Default Re: I received a whole lot of Creed samples today and...

    Decanting the fragrance from the larger bottle into many 1 oz. bottles is a bad idea. Just like wine, aquariums, and swimming pools, a larger volume of liquid provides more stability and protection from external influences than smaller volumes. Yes, decant one at a time for your own use, but leave the remainder in the large bottle and decant only as necessary.

    Unfortunately I don't know Windsor and cannot address your other questions. But I agree with PradaG. If you like it that much then go ahead and get a bottle.
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    Default Re: I received a whole lot of Creed samples today and...

    You have a very nice Creed collection and I can certainly empathize with your desire to try/buy a lot of them. I would just recommend getting a sample and trying them before buying. I like most Creeds, but I certainly haven't liked them all. I can't imagine how bad I'd feel if I had shelled out a lot of money, only to find I didn't like the fragrance. It would be most depressing.

    As far as the Windsor goes, if that was my favorite, I would forego buying any other fragrances until I had enough to buy the flacon of Windsor. If it's twice the amount you wanted to spend, then skip what would have been your next purchase and save it to buy the Windsor.

    Look at it this way, you're never really going to be happy until you do. It's always going to be in the back of your mind, and if you don't get it, you're going to keep thinking about it. I agree with is short. Get what you really want and you'll be happier. And a flacon of Windsor for your personal use should last a very long time. Windsor's not something to wear every day. But if it brings you happiness like no other and will last you several years, then it's really not so expensive.

    How's THAT for rationalizing?!?!?!
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    Default Re: I received a whole lot of Creed samples today and...

    Quote Originally Posted by PradaG View Post
    Just buy it already. Life is short

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    Default Re: I received a whole lot of Creed samples today and...

    Enjoy your collection, truly admirable variety
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