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    Default Getting a late start . . . when did it really start?

    Hi everyone,

    So excited that I found this site and forum! I have learned so much in the last couple days reading and reading. And, I have made trips to all the local retailers for samples. I collected: Elie Saab -in love!, Bottega, Cartier Baiser de Vole (my three faves so far) as well as Jimmy Choo, Prada Candy, Prada Iris, TF Violet Blond, Narciso Rodriguez for her, Tocca Stella, Guerlain Initial, and more. Now, I have to wait a few weeks before going back and begging for more, although I started my wish list at the Perfumed Court. I also pretty much cleared my house when I came home overdosed on Tom Ford Black Orchid. Whew! So much fun.

    I am 43 and just had an epiphany that this could be very fun & addictive for me. I have become increasingly bored with my Versace Bright Crystal and mentally have been complaining that I don't feel challenged, so I went online, found you, and discovered something (a desire, love, life necessity?) that has always been there!

    So, when did it really start? Since my very first thought, I think! I have been known to proclaim that I will take my sense of smell over sight. Scary, huh?

    The timeline of my life can be organized by scent:

    Childhood: My mom wore Emeraude then Ciara and as she matured, she went lighter and wore New West and Jessica Mclintock. I remember a very old woman relative wore Tabu and smoked cigarettes and the effect of both was intoxicating to me. She let me put a couple drops of her fragrance on my pillow case.

    Growing up I was intrigued by Avon Cotillion and Anais Anais. I received my first gift of perfume in 8th grade - Ralph Lauren Lauren and fell in love. As a young adult (early 20's) I loved Ysatis, Cartier Must, Chanel Coco & No. 5 and Jean Patou Sublime. Once, on vacation, I experienced Guerlain Samsara and have *never* forgotten that day. (I hated Carolina Herrera and Amarige - instant headache.)

    Raised my kids and pretty much forgot about fragrance, fashion, etc. I am so excited to delve into this new and at the same time familiar world of scent. Thank you so much for all the great threads and insights! I would love to hear how your love of scent emerged and developed in your life.
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    Default Re: Getting a late start . . . when did it really start?

    Welcome to the forum! I started smelling a couple of years ago, after I picked up by chance the perfume guide by Turin and Sanchez.


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    Default Re: Getting a late start . . . when did it really start?

    Welcome to Basenotes! Enjoy your scent journey and sniff in good health!

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    Default Re: Getting a late start . . . when did it really start?

    Welcome and relish the learning experience!

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