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    Default Arab perfumes in Bonn - Germany

    Some time ago I discovered a small Arab shop in Bonn / Germany. They sell Arab clothes, some food and cosmetics to Arab immigrants. And they have a big collection of perfumes from brands like Al Rehab or Al Haramain. Also, they sell classic Arab no-name-fragrances out of big bottles that they get from an independent Arab perfumer.

    Taiba shop does not sell any high-priced or luxury perfumes - but for small money you can get a good overview of what people in the Arab countries like to wear.

    They do not have a website, and the shop is a bit off the beaten track. Address:

    Taiba Shop
    Kölnstraße 79
    53111 Bonn

    The staff is friendly and happy if somebody with non-Arab background shows some interest in their perfumes. I hightly recommend it for an unusual perfume experience.
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    Default Re: Arab perfumes in Bonn - Germany

    Sounds good. Bonn is just about 40 minutes from here. Thanks for the news. I am looking forward visiting this shop.
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    Default Re: Arab perfumes in Bonn - Germany

    If anyone buys here please post what you bought in fragrances?

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    Default Re: Arab perfumes in Bonn - Germany

    I just signed up here and decided to check out the suggestions for stores in Germany and did not expect to stumble across this recommendation!
    Thanks a lot! I just moved to Bonn and this shop is within walking distance for me! Hurray! I will check it out next week and let you know how it went.
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