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    Default US ONLY Chanel Eau Premiere, Loukhoum, Lalibela, Agent Provocateur, Tauer Dark Passage

    I've estimated levels as closely as I can. Unless otherwise noted, I do not have boxes for any of these bottles. I can only ship to the US at this time. Shipping for one bottle or any amount of minis is $5. Shipping for each additional full sized bottle is $3.

    Loukhoum (Mecheri), 1.7 oz, about 95% or better/barely below lip of opaque lid, box $50
    Lostmarc’h Ael-Mat, 3.4oz, 20% or so, $15
    Memo Lalibele, 30ml, 90% ish, $25
    Gres Cabotine, silly huge bottle with neat green floral top, 3.38 oz, ETD, 80%, $10
    YSL Paris, 1.6 oz, EDT, from back when it really smelled rosy – around 50%, $10
    Shalimar EDT, 1.7 oz. 70% or so, $15
    Youth Dew, 1.5 oz EDP, 80%, $15
    Agent Provocateur 30ml EDP, I can’t really gauge well because of opaque bottle but I would estimate 70%?, $25
    Chanel #5 Eau Premiere, EDP, 2.5 oz, 90%, $50 (PENDING)
    Pure White Linen, 1.7oz, 95%, $30
    Child perfume oil glass roll-on bottle, still has $92 price tag on bottom, 40% or so, $25 (PENDING)

    Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oil bottles (all of their current bottles are 5ml, this size lasts FOREVER): priced as listed or $30 for all four
    Death Adder (discontinued, getting htf), 20%, $10
    Midnight on the Midway (discontinued, same) 40% $15
    Le Serpent Qui Danse, no label/old style cobalt bottle, 90ish%, $10
    Blue Moon 2007 (very limited edition, aged 5 years), 90%, $15

    Parfum, as listed or $20 for all:
    Caron Bellodgia, 7.5ml, 60%, $10
    White Linen (mini, but marked “perfume”), 2.6ml, 60%, $5
    Private Collection, .07oz, 90ish%, $5
    Hermes Amazone parfum, 2.5ml, $5

    Minis, as listed or $30 for all of them:
    D&G Sicily 85%, $7
    Nocturnes de Caron EDC 10ml, 90%, $5
    24 Fauborg 7.5ml, 95%, $5
    Agent Provocateur Maitress, mini size and mostly full but hard to tell, is opaque bottle
    CD Dune EDC, 60%, $5
    Christian LaCroix C’est La Vie EDP, 65-70%, $5
    <s>Rare – Dior Dioressence, vintage, white cap with green marbled band, 10ml, 90+%, $10</s> (SOLD)

    Sprayer – original manufacturer decant?
    <s>Tauer Tableau de Parfums “Dark Passage,” in white sprayer, won on the lovely Gaia’s (The Nonblonde) website – but I’m sadly allergic. Sprayed maybe 3x. $20</s> (SOLD)

    A ridiculously full tub of random BPAL sample "imps" and decants, more than 30, most are full and some are rare, yours for $50.

    Please message me if interested, rather than replying here. I will sell to whoever requests first, and remove sold items as quickly as I can. I will also swap any of these but only for bottles/partials (not decants) of Mitsouko (any provenance, any formulation - though unless parfum I prefer a spray to a splash), Tann Roka Aki, ELDO Rien or a few others (10ml coffret bottles also considered), Aroma M Geisha Blanche, Hermes Hiris, or Ava Luxe Love's True Bluish Light. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Chanel Eau Premiere, Loukhoum, Lalibela, Agent Provocateur, Tauer Dark Passage

    bump, added new frags

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    Default Re: US ONLY Chanel Eau Premiere, Loukhoum, Lalibela, Agent Provocateur, Tauer Dark Passage

    Hello there!
    I am interested in a few of your bottles - I believe that we have swapped on MUA - my username is AMPANU. I am Anna ! Anyhow, I live in Montreal, Canada.
    Let me know if you would make an exception shipping to me.

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