Hi everyone, I'm newly registered, but have been lurking here for a little while, and I'm grateful for all the helpful advice I've already found on here - there's some incredible knowledge shared on basenotes, for sure! I hope to contribute something useful myself, but I've got a lot to learn before that happens!

Anyway, I'm looking for a recommendation from you good people: my wife has been wearing Anna Sui's 'Sui Dreams' EDT for a few years now, among others, as her preferred fragrance.

However, this Christmas I had a lot of trouble finding another bottle for her, and I now understand that it has been discontinued. My wife has also said she'd like to find a new fragrance, something similar, but maybe with a little more maturity. Any ideas?

We're not averse to spending a little more for something a bit more unusual/less mainstream...

Many thanks in advance for any advice and guidance offered, and apologies if someone has already asked this - I did run a search, but couldn't see any relevant posts.

All the best, J