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    Default Hand Rolled Incense?

    I've seen a lot of discussion about high quality incense on the forums, but I'm curious if anyone has any small scale companies to recommend that make 100% handmade incense sticks/cones/pellets. I've already read about Fred Soll, which is close to what I'm looking for, but I would prefer something that is made from scratch.

    The reason I'm asking is, of course, I'd love to buy some. Also though, I would like to start making them myself and it would be really helpful to see how other peoples look and what ingredients they are using.

    This etsy shop is the only thing I've found so far.

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    Default Re: Hand Rolled Incense?

    Hi Evergreen Womb,

    I don't want to make pub, but you can look at the Incense_exchange's group on Yahoo. They do hand rolled incense and some sell their own incense. I'm sure you'll find what you seek.

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