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    First off I would like to thank all of the basenote veterans and outstanding YouTube reviewers for guiding me in the right direction to what my nose prefers. With that Bieng said, I find that I like dark foreboding fragrances the most that include musk, leather, woods, (Vetiver, Oud) and cumin. Suprisingly I used to hate Agarwood but now i love it!! Those notes send a subliminal message to my senses of strength, masculinity, and sexuality(don't ask me why it just does!!) anyway I am trying to order some samples from Lucky Scent and Perfumed Court. I already have in mind Muscs Kublai Khan Wonderwood, and Al Oudh. Can you all give me any other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Muscs Koublai Khan and Al Oudh are great choices, Wonderwood is nothing special in my opinion.
    You're note list is very broad so, just for some random choices which I'd consider dark with some of the notes you've mentioned:
    I'll vary the brands a little
    Etat Libre D'Orange: Vierges et Toreros, Rien
    Tauer: L'Air du Desert Marocain, Incense Rose, Eau D'Epices
    Comme des Garcons: Avignon
    Parfum D'Empire: Cuir Ottoman, Wazamba, Fougere Bengale
    Montale: Oud Cuir D'Arabie
    L'Artisan: Dzing!

    I'm not that knowledged up on Ouds so I'd love to hear other responses as I'm sure my suggestions wouldn't be very unique

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    Micallef Aoud Homme
    Montale Original Aoud

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