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    Default Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Greetings to the Basenotes Community,

    This is my very first post i think,but i've been watching this forum for a while.

    The last days, i have bought 2 Lutens :Chergui and Douce Amere.
    Pictures here:

    While Chergui was not so ''blind'' buy (i had the change to spray it in my wrist once),
    Douce Amere was a completely blind buy.

    The opening of DA was very unusual,absinth-bitter with anise backround and cinnamon on the side.But the drydown was just not my thing-quite interesting but not my thing.

    It turns to a vanilla-liquorice with some sweetness in it,while absinth lies in the backround -unfortunately too weak.I wanted the absinth to stay more intense.

    The projection was poor on my skin too....
    To be honest is one of the most distinctive absinth notes i ever smelled on a perfume,and very unusual in a good way.

    On the other hand,Chergui is a winner!!!I am thrilled....!!!!

    After my experience with DA , i am willing to buy another Lutens towards the mascuiline side (Chene,Fumerie Turque,Vetiver oriental Five o clock or ,why not, Fille en Aiguilles).
    I like balsamic ,resinous ,spicy and smoky notes so i would go that way...

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    I'll just throw in a plug for my favorite Serge Luten - Borneo 1834

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Chergui is one of the greats - I'm glad to hear that you like it.

    I also wished the absinth note in Douce Amere was more prominent and stayed so. I still keep my bottle but still, a pitty. If you're looking for more absinth then you could try Absinth and Prelude by Nasomatto and Fou d'Absinthe from L'Artisan.

    I don't recommend blind buying Lutens though, some fragrances my be IT for you but some others (like DA) could be a miss. Try to get hold of a sample first and test it. An alternative is to send an e-mail to the Lutens CS and ask for "the little book of perfumes" - you'll get a cream sample of all of their scents for free, inc. the non-export line.

    Some comments on your list: Chene is a very dry woody fragrance, not really what you're looking for IMO. Fille en A. is indeed smokey and very reminiscent of pine needles. Five O'Clock has a similar vibe to Chergui to me but I find it less interesting (and I don't find it leaning to the masculine side, nor does Chergui IMO - both are perfect for either gender). I haven't tried Vetiver Oriental yet and if I remember right in spite of its smokeyness Fumerie Turque was quite sweet (but it's been quite a while ago that I have tested it).

    For a unique resinous fragrance I recommend you to try Ormonde Jayne's Ormonde Man.
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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Welcome and two good choices you got IMO.

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    I've smelled both Five o clock and Vetiver Oriental.
    Five o'clock was a pleasant -yet massive!- spices blast,i didn't smelled any resins but there was something more liquid and dark in the backround that realy impressed me!!I find it more mascuiline than feminine.

    As for the VO,wow....Vetiver everywere,a really refined but raw at the same time.
    The drydown is maybe too sweet,but overall i like it very much.I didn't expect to like a chocholate note like this(drydown).

    I love Liquidamber Orientalis(AKA Styrax resin) raw smell,so Fumerie turque seems very promising.
    I also LOVE frankincense so Fille en Aiguilles maybe is a good choice too.(I think some of Amouage comes with distinctive frankincense note..)

    Well, i think that i've got to sample them all !!!

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    Five O'Clock Au Gingembre is very nice, but I would highly recommend trying Ambre Sultan. It's definitely one of the very best by Serge Lutens.

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Fumerie Turque is appreciated as a work of art around these message boards but I just am not liking it other than the fact that it can be appreciated by me from afar. My love affair with Chergui makes me want Ambre Sultan even more!
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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Welcome. First of all, I'd like to second bonsai's statement that buying Lutens blind is a really, really bad idea. I'm a big fan of some in his line and I can't stand some others. You can't always tell from the listed notes, either! Given what you've said about your tastes, I'd say your new list to explore is pretty good, although Vetiver Oriental was very disappointing to me when I tried it. You should definitely add Ambre Sultan to your list as has been suggested. Also, make sure you try Serge Noire if you like spices and smoke. Get samples, though!

    I also think that Fou d'Absinthe might be more to your taste for an absinthe fragrance. Yatagan actually smells more like absinthe than any fragrance I've ever smelled, although I'm not sure if I've ever heard anybody else say that.

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Gris Clair is worth a sniff.

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Sorry to hijack but actually I have a chance to grab a couple of bottles of SL too, but unfortunately too all of these will be blind buys.
    I already got Gris Clair and am quite happy with it (though it seems it would be on the lighter side of the Lutens spectrum, esp if compared to frags like Ambre Sultan, which is a thick amber assault on first spray)
    Since my "window" for buying these SLs would be quite short (SL is pulling out of my country and there's a price reduction on, just not sure how long), the ones on the blind buy list include Chergui, Vetiver Oriental, 5 o'clock and Borneo.
    I would recommend Gris Clair to the OP but I don't think he'd go for the notes that much.

    Good luck to me with my blind buy hehe, hope I make it.

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    Default Re: Douce Amere and Chergui blind buy!!

    Welcome & Yassou got two great scents there, enjoy, and have fun with your blind buys!

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