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    Hi guys,

    Im new to the forum and to niche fragrances.

    Just had a quick question - i went to a store called 'arabian oud' in westfields mall recently (westfield stratford)

    And i found that the fragrances they had were really nice, strong and clean smelling- and weirdly some of them were labled the same as some designer fragrances...

    My questions is whats the deal with them?

    The person at the counter wasnt very enlightening and so i deceided to not to buy any because i wanted to find out more first (and also they seemed really cheap compared to normal fragrances)

    are these copies? are they of inferior quality? why did they smell so good? Lol

    sorry for the obscure question -but id like to get your thoughts
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    Hi aj and welcome.

    Many arabian houses sell knockoff designer fragrances in oil form. Especially in the earlier years their customers were reluctant to use alcohol based fragrances for religious reasons or out of habit. Are they of inferior quality? Hard to say, but in the end they are knockoffs, so it may provide some ethical problems. Why did they smell so good? Maybe because they lack the properties of fast evaporating alcohol, maybe because of the higher concentration, maybe because they were knockoffs of good fragrances.

    They are a big company with some excellent stuff, but they usually price themselves much higher than they are willing to go for. At least that's the case in the Gulf area.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the reply saripatats

    I suspected that it was because they were oil bases that they smelled so fresh

    Personally ive got a few other buys to prioritise (GIT, m7 etc) so prob won't be buying these soon - I am however curious if anyone else has bought these though and what they think of them?

    Also are there any normal/ niche brands that are oil based?
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    A/j. I believe you went to the wrong place. There is a small stall in westfields called Sunna musk, they get mistaken a lot with Arabian oud who operate below them on the lower floor in an actual shop! Sunna musk are the guys who sell the cheap knock offs. They're stuff is horrible and their staff have no idea what they are selling! Take a trip to Arabian oud, not Sunna musk!

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