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    Default La Martina fragrances

    David's raves and Pollux's comments piqued my curiosity and, this being an easily available brand here, I decided to sample them.
    At the store I visited there were only three fragrances available (La Martina Hombre, La Martina Mujer and Cuero), all three in eau de toilette concentration.
    They were a pleasant surprise, nothing revolutionary, but very decent fragrances:

    Cuero, contrary to its name, it's not really leathery. It has a strong lavender opening, quite masculine in a classical way that later gets softer with tonka bean and vanilla. I found it very pleasant. I would say it evokes leather in its feel, not in the smell.

    La Martina Hombre is the most leathery, although the leather comes accompanied by citrus and hebs. Light, pleasant and easy to wear. It reminded me of Duel, but with a brighter, citrusy opening and less harsh. It is a lot lighter than Cuero.

    La Martina Mujer surprised me with notes of gardenia, coconut and musk. The coconut doesn't give a tropical feel (thank God, b/c it's something I don't like at all). I would have expected the typical transparent or candy-sweet fruity-floral and it's not.
    The longevity is what you'd expect from an EDT.

    The prices here -obviously- are significantly lower than abroad. A good one for us, since we usually have to pay a lot more for all fragrant goodies.

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    Default Re: La Martina fragrances

    The La Martina here only has the ladies' one.

    I imagined hoped Hombre to be bold like Peau d'Espagne but then again it is a clothing brand perfume which is unlikely to produce something that does not appeal to the masses.
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    Default Re: La Martina fragrances

    I found none of the fragrances bold, nor I expected them to be. I am probably surprised because I expected nothing.
    I would have loved a stronger leather note in Hombre.
    There is another fragrance, Bayres (the one in the stirrup bottle), which seems to be available only at the Quintana Ave. store.
    Will try to sample it later during the week.

    Pollux keeps saying that Cuero reminds him too much of Zino. It made me, instead, think of Rochas Man minus the coffee note. I like it best after a few hours.

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    Default Re: La Martina fragrances

    I only know La Martina Hombre and love it: the citrus-leather-herb accord in this chypre is one of my most enjoyed and sought after scent categories whenever I am testing and/or purchasing frags
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    Default Re: La Martina fragrances

    Ken, chypre indeed: the box I saw lists oakmoss among the ingredients. Quite spring-like in a softly masculine way.
    I went to the store with another perfume loving friend and Hombre was the one she loved best.
    Maybe I should go for it after all, their price is very affordable here.

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