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    Happy Saturday to you all!

    I am a really big fan of D&G Feminine, mostly for sentimental reasons

    I know it is discontinued- so sad I am! Could you please give me some recommendations as to which other fragrances are most similar to D&G Feminine? You will be helping me greatly, I just need the comfort of D&G Feminine now very bad....

    Many thanks!

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    I understand how you feel. D&G Feminine is a lovely scent. I will be thinking about your question and come back to post again if I come up with any good recommendations.

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    Hi Lillybelle,
    Thanks you very much for your attention!

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    Default Re: D&G Feminine try here. It looks like some discounters still have some stock. Good luck

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    It does look like you can still find D&G Feminine online.

    I typed the notes "cyclamen, yuzu, musk" into the basenotes directory and it came up with...

    Moschino Cheap & Chic, and Sonia Rykiel Grey (and also D&G Feminine, of course). Maybe you want to sample the other two as well? Good luck!

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