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    Default Creed Aventus: 3rd video

    This is my third one, and I feel slightly more fluid on camera. I'm wondering if you guys think my timeframes are too short? I don't want to talk about packaging and boxes, but rather the scents, which imo, are most important. What are your guys' opinions on that?

    Thanks for any and all feedback!

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    Default Re: Creed Aventus: 3rd video

    You are very articulate and I enjoyed your review very much. I also have and love the scent.

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    Cool Re: Creed Aventus: 3rd video

    Well done.
    The opening shot and title with the bottle, map and sword was an attention-grabber--as an opening should be--and set the audience up to expect a level of professionalism which you delivered.

    I was wondering what the print by David was doing in the background.

    So Creed developed this scent for Napoleon?
    Next they'll be saying they were commissioned to make one for The Queen of Sheba by King Solomon I think their hype is forgivable, if the scents are great . . .

    Being half-lit, or lit mostly on one side and having Clair de Lune play in the background towards the middle worked fine.

    As far as timeframes, 5-10 seconds on the bottle and packaging is probably enough.
    You stick to the point and there's no unnecessary rambling.

    I saw your other 2 vids. Yes, you are far more relaxed and fluid in this one.

    Keep on relaxing! Your accent is slightly difficult at top speed, speak even slower and people will consider it charming.


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    Default Re: Creed Aventus: 3rd video

    You are super cute, it's my fav scent right now!
    Looking for:

    Creed - SMW, MI
    Tom Ford - Oud Wood, Neroli P, Amber
    Amouage - Jubilation
    Acqua di Parma - Essenza
    Molecule 1

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    Default Re: Creed Aventus: 3rd video

    I feel very honored to receive such nice feedback from you guys, thank you!

    @Hednic: Thank you, your opinion means a lot to me!

    @Mario: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to write that; I really appreciate it & is duly noted! I picked up that print from the Louvre a year ago and just finally framed it this past week! It's one of my favorite works of his, along with The Coronation of Napoleon & the Death of Socrates. I wholeheartedly agree on your thoughts regarding Creed's flamboyant use of marketing though!

    @KimmyMcG: Thanks a lot!

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