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    Default I'm making the Aveda Chakras!

    Hello everyone!
    Thanks to the "Scoop and Whoop" thread I now have a list of the principal ingredients of Aveda Chakras (originally launched in the 90's) and have started blending them. So far I've made "Fulfillment" "Bliss" and "Motivation". Just waiting on some Cinnamon EO so I can make "Attraction" - I actually have this in the original form so I can compare :-)

    I am a COMPLETE novice and have so much to learn - but it's been fun just throwing the oils together then figuring out how to dilute them.

    Anyone else a fan of these heavenly scents?

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    Default Re: I'm making the Aveda Chakras!


    I have not smelled the original Chakras, but I like a lot the recent reincarnation. Very natural smelling and pleasant. I like especially #7 ( I believe), elemi angelica and something else.


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    Default Re: I'm making the Aveda Chakras!

    Good to know! I must get to an Aveda counter and try these. :-)

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