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    Default Skin help - Nose

    Hi, I'm 30 years old and I need help improving the skin tone and healthiness around my nose. The skin on the rest of my face is fine for the most part, but my nose is a mess. I have thousands of blackheads on my nose and they are expanding to the areas of my skin where the nostrils meet the face. The blackheads are a problem I would like to get rid of, but more importantly, my skin tone around my nose is always discolored (more red than the rest of my facial skin color). My theory is that the blackheads are causing this discoloration, but I'm not entirely sure why. My other theory is that the products and techniques I'm using religiously on my nose to try and get rid of the blackheads might be damaging my skin or making it worse. Here are the products I currently use:

    Facial Cleanser (I use this on my entire face, except my nose)

    Aveeno Ultra-Calm foaming cleanser -

    For my nose and area's immediately around it, I use this cleanser:

    Aveeno Cream Cleanser w/ Salysilic Acid -

    Once I get out of the shower and pat dry my face with a towel, I then apply a thin layer of lotion to my nose because the skin feels dry. I just use Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion -

    I also have those nose pore strips that rip out the blackheads. I use those once every few weeks but they just seem to grow back. On top of that, I even have a mechanical Panasonic blackhead sucker machine that I use once a week or so to try and suck the blackheads out after I steam my face for about 5 minutes.

    Regardless of all these things, the blackheads don't seem to go away, and my skin tone around my nose is ALWAYS more red than the rest of my facial skin tone which is extremely frustrating. Not to mention, the blackheads seem to cause a buildup of dead skin cells or something that cause blemishes. My nose is also very oily I believe.

    Any help improving my face wash routine and skin tone would be greatly appreciated. I'm definitaly open to trying to brands, products, techniques. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    Probably you might need some deep-cleansing masks on routine. Try Kiehl's - Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, I have been using this one for a while and it does pretty well of taking care of the problem. And you also need a toner and it should be applied with a cotton pad for a better result.

    Not sure if you have any Fancl store at where you located. It is a Japanese brand and they got a product called "pore cleansing pack" which mainly focus the problem on the nose area. (if there's no Fancl near where you live, you can find it on ebay actually)
    Specially formulated with coral powder, it absorbs excess sebum and dirt trapped inside the pores of your skin. It also contains AMF (Amino Acid and Hyaluronic Acid) which softens the pores for easy dirt removal and tightens them preventing dirt accumulation. Together with a powerful anti-sebum formula of Green Tea Clear Extract, Soapberry Extract, and Soybean Extract, it refines the pores, prevents the oxidation of sebum and thus reducing the formation of blackheads, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean all day long.

    Hope this help!

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    You are almost certainly causing the redness as a result of the aggressive cleaning regime. I would knock out most of it, keeping an anti-bacterial wash and perhaps the nose strips every few weeks. This should give your skin a chance to recover and settle down.

    The trouble with aggressively scrubbing is that your skin tends to react by trying to protect itself with more oil production, thus making the problem worse, making you scrub more, making it worse . . .

    You may find it helps to moisturise your skin immediately after cleaning, especially if you use a light cream. You could also consider a cream containing a low dose of topical corticosterioid (most pharmacies will sell you these over the counter) as these also help to reduce inflammation and calm down the skin’s reaction to the scrubbing - don’t use one of these on a continuing, long-term basis though as they have side effects.

    While you are waiting for your skin to settle have a look at your diet - a healthy balanced diet helps a lot with skin problems.

    Final thought: if you smoke give up - it’s one of the main causes of poor skin after excessive UV (and it does not sound as though that is your problem here).

    Hope that helps
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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    Not an expert in anyway...but I think those strips are really hard on skin. I'd try a month or so w/o those and see if anything improves. Also, like someone said, try reducing the scrubbing and washing a bit. Oil production may decrease and I'm sure your skin will be less aggravated.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    Okay, just use the cleanser on your whole face. Use a brand such as Cetaphil - beloved of dermatologists everywhere.

    STOP the pore strips and the machine. Don't buy anymore strips, and sell the machine.

    Book yourself in for a deep cleanse facial - talk to the salon first to explain you want blackhead extraction.

    Then, start using a salyic acid product on your face every morning (a bit like the Aveeno you are using). I'd recommend Paula's Choice, because it works for me. I use the 2% liquid:

    Come back for an update when you've done this for a couple of months.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    You might also want to see a dermatologist - the redness might be rosacea. I have it myself, and no amount of self-inflicted regimen worked until I saw the doctor. Now I just put on some prescription cream every day and it's gone. The doc should also be able to help with the blackheads, etc. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    I used to scrub my face frequently years back until I realized how detrimental it was to the long-term health of the skin. Do not do that anymore.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    You really need to see a dermatologist. If that is not an option, I would do what dr_rudi says. But you have a pretty bad dermatological problem, and you need a doctor.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    Agree that you should see a dermatologist in case you have a condition that needs treatment.

    For what it's worth, I had years of dry patches, pimples, and bumpy rashes on my face. Tried everything and had varying success (I mean we're talking maybe 15 years here), but it never went away. About a year ago I decided to stop using cleansers and soaps altogether (on my face). Now it's water only, sometimes just water on a face cloth.

    That was the best decision ever. Everything cleared up within a week or two, and it's been great ever since. Funny how we always think products are going to solve the problem, when sometimes products are the problem. Anyhow, at least I guess I'm saving a bit of money to spend on perfume.

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    Default Re: Skin help - Nose

    I have huge pores on my nose and and prone to blackheads. I use Anthony logistics facial mud to pull the blackheads to the surface, then I use biolage nose strips every couple of weeks. Whatever is left I get rid of with a blackhead removal tool. Do this 1-2x a week and your problem will be solved.
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