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    Blue Lotus (Water Lily) (Nymphaea caerulea) hexane extracted Absolute India:
    Piquant, spicy, powdery, rich fizzy floral reminiscent of strong cola and talc, sassafras and fresh ginger.

    Blue Lotus Absolute-Phytonic extract Thailand: spicy, watery, zesty powder, less floral than the hexane extracted absolute and a bit milder with a sparkling berry note.

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    Absolute steam distilled from Thailand -- maybe the same Nymphaea sampled.

    I hear this woman is no longer in business, but she also distilled boronia, and I got very similar effects, the fizzy berry / fruity note, a bit sugary like those conversation hearts and also strongly reminiscent of hyacinth and galbanum, powdery green... Just gorgeous!

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    Anyone have a reliable source for blue lotus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by I.D.Adam View Post
    Anyone have a reliable source for blue lotus?
    Enfleurage carries it.

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    Thanks for the link. Enfleurage lists that as Hawaiian grown. I take it Egyptian Blue Lotus is a rare bird indeed.

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