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    Default Best Bond No 9 Blind Buy

    Hello! I was looking to get into Bond No 9 fragrances. I was curious to what all of you think is the bets Blind Buy for Bond. I was thinking Brooklyn or Bleecker Street. Right now, my go-to's are GIT and Aventus. I'd rather not have anything that smells similar to these, but something that I can wear everyday, 12 months out of the year, with good projection and longevity. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Best Bond No 9 Blind Buy

    Hi, logan! Welcome to Basenotes!

    Brooklyn might be a tad underwhelming in terms of projection. It's a nice soft woody, and I love it, but it doesn't sound like a safe blind buy. If you had mentioned a bunch of mild woody scents as faves, I would say go for it, but not with GIT and Aventus as your staples (I like those scents, too). Brooklyn is like a sporty/girly version of Terre d'Hermès, with a touch of pine - closer to CdG Hinoki. Great stuff, but maybe not right for a blind buy, unless that description sounds appealing.

    The safest Bond no. 9 blind buys from what I've seen on the boards is either New Haarlem or I<3NY For All for gourmand lovers.

    Chez Bond has a lot of similarity to GIT - it's a citrus fougère with a more modern feel than GIT, and you may like it, but it's not a good blind buy, because it turns a lot of stomachs. Wall Street is also a lot like Milliseme Imperial, but it has a wet dog note that kicks in after a while, and that truly disgusts a lot of folks. So no blind buy on that, either.

    Cooper Square may be more your style, if you can take the moderate lavender. It's a modern masculine with some nice balance and complexity, and it would compete for my Aventus dollars, but there are some haters on Cooper Square, so I'm not even sure that's safe as a blind buy.

    Harrods for Him is very nice. It has some Chanel feel to it. That's my most recent Bond no. 9 buy. Not sure if it's a great blind buy, but you would probably have no trouble reselling it. It's actually very likable (read mainstream and wearable), but it's complex and interesting enough to get respect from niche lovers. I could wear it daily. You should also try I<3NY For Him - it's like an even more mainstream version of Harrods for Him. I love it because it's skillfully done and semi-novel within the mainstream space, but it's still in the mainstream space.

    Sorry for no easy answers, but hope that helps.

    PS - Bleecker Street is fairly popular, too. That might be safer than Brooklyn, but not by a lot.
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    Default Re: Best Bond No 9 Blind Buy

    Bleecker st is very good. Another one to look at is Nuit de Noho. Its marketed as feminine but its absolutely unisex and a very good one at that.

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    Default Re: Best Bond No 9 Blind Buy

    I was going to recommend Chez Bond, till I saw you didn't want anything similar to GIT. I love Chez Bond and even though it shares the same style, I think it's much better than GIT. (it's sweeter with less of the harsh green violet note in the top, and the drydown replaces GIT's sour ambergris note with a much more modern sweet grape powder type musk. Also, the longevity of all the Bonds is better than Creed as well). I would still recommend getting a small sample of Chez Bond, even though you do have GIT. It's hard to imagine anyone not enjoying it.

    As far as other recommendations, I would say New Haarlem if you are a gourmand fan. Also, I have Little Italy, and while it's not one of my favorites, it's a decent linear orange scent.

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