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    Default Have anyone ever tried Egyptian Superior Musk?

    Ok, I purchased 30 grams of Mysore sandalwood chips on eBay and the seller also included a 3 ml of a fragrance called Egyptian Superior Musk... Have anyone ever tried this fragrance? Is this a type of fragrance or a one of a kind fragrance? I have never smell Egypt, but it does give me a feel of what Egypt would smell like back a few thousand years ago... I will do a review on this fragrance at a later time when I get a full wear... But let me know what this fragrance is? Thanks
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    Default Re: Have anyone ever tried Egyptian Superior Musk?

    Please be mindful that mysore sandalwood is endangered and we need to preserve this beautiful aromatic tree for future generations

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    Default Re: Have anyone ever tried Egyptian Superior Musk?

    I have a tola of a Middle East Attar or Oil called Superior Egyptian Musk. Can't remember when I picked it up and it has no markings on the bottle other than the name. Whether it's anything close to the scent of yours... who knows?

    Anyway, mine is floral/woody and smells like a pleasant laundry detergent or shave cream. Linear, maybe 4-6 hours longevity if passive. Can't say specifically about this one, but these oils have a tendency to 'mushroom cloud' blossom upon activity so you might want to watch it when/if you check it out.

    NOT a complex, evolving, animalic or quality musk like some of us see in the SL, Kiehls, FM, L'A, Villoresi, TF, and others. Nowhere like that. Cost around 4usd. The price is right. Not bad, yet nothing special.
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