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    Default Suggestions for a warm cologne

    I'm looking for suggestions for a masculine warm/very warm niche or semi-niche cologne. I like clean or citrus scents for professional or daytime wear. I have the standard Chanel Allure Homme for that, but I'd like a more passionate scent for intimate occasions. I wish I could afford to experiment with very exclusive scents, but on a college budget I'd like to keep the price tag close to $150. Thanks everyone.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Micallef Shanaan

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm gonna buy about 5 or so samples to see which one I'd like to buy. The incense of the Shanaan sounds interesting.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano - Upon application, one experiences a wonderfully smoky leather accord and a burst of lively pepper, with its smooth, almost woody presence. A wondrous, campfire smell majestically ebbs and flows as well. This captivating opening meanders to the awating middle. Transitioning to the heart, heaps of heavenly sweet and orangey frankincense as well as medicinal and musty oud crest the potent, smoky wave, and are joined with a herbal pas de trois of fresh and slightly bitter cardamom, nutty and spicy coriander as well as a smattering of dirty and sweaty cumin. A halo of flavorful and dry woods caps the remarkable melange, and wends to the waiting base. An alluring blend of warm and fur-like musk, velvety and slightly sweet amber, bitter and foresty moss as well as a hint of dark and earthy patchouli, highlights the robust base and leads to an evocative drydown. This superbly mysterious and intense composition has average projection and longevity.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Thanks I ordered a sample of both still grooming through the forums for suggestions.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Chanel Egoiste (the plain Egoiste, not the platinum etc) is warm woods with a touch of candied fruits (Bloomingdales and a few other stores, not especially expensive). YSL M7 is also warm, but darker and more woody. For even more refinement, but $$$, Chanel Cuir de Russie and Chanel Bois des Isles (Egoiste's mother), $115 for 75ml and $215 for 200ml.

    At the other extreme of warmth, there are dirty musks. A very inexpensive and good example is Kiehl's original musk. Warm and intimate for sure, too intimate for some. Depending on the smeller, it's sexy skin, or unwashed sweaty armpits. Test with your person of interest first.

    Another, less controversial, warm, but light material to me is saffron. Tom of Finland by Etat Libre d'Orange, $95 for 50ml.


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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Chanel Les Exclusifs Sycomore

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    YSL Pour Homme Concentrate-Awesome Woody Citrus
    Claus The Danish Viking

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    How about Guerlain L'Instant pour homme (EDP best but EDT is good too). Great mix of dark bitter cocoa / chocolate and anise that is never too sweet and foody.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a warm cologne

    Comme des Garçons 2 Man or Gucci Pour Homme

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