I know that there is no simple, totally versatile solution to this problem, but I think I have found a nearly foolproof cure-all to make any scent masculine. I often find scents I love that I feel like I need to give to my girlfriend or that I just wish were a bit more punched up. Layering is a tricky science, but when faced with a scent I love that I feel is too feminine or lacking a woodsy/vetivery edge, I have found the scent I believe will almost always work to add what I need.

Royall Rugby by Royall Lyme of Bermuda.

This scent is so classically masculine and has wonderful longevity and medium projection, it's also so subtly blended that no one note takes over and makes itself obvious. So when faced with a scent I wish was a bit manlier or edgier, I first spray Royall Rugby lightly, let it dry down, and then apply the other warmer or more floral scent that I wish to use. It has so far worked amazingly well with Diptyque Eau Duell, Diptyque Vetyverio (just to up the woods and reinforce the vetiver), Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Libre, and Bleu de Chanel. I even tried it with my girlfriend's Burberry Brit EdP for women, and it was amazing (actually my favorite combo, super warm, wintry, and bold, though the surprised that the synthetic warmth of Brit combined so well with the very natural woods and green of the Rugby). I really actually feel like Rugby needs to be layered, as it's patchouli and vetiver base really don't have enough warmth or floral notes (they claim geranium, but I'm not getting it) to flush it out.

I was wondering if anyone else has discovered this great Rugby scent, or has another product that they frequently use to "man up" a scent they otherwise like.