I ocassionally wear Nautica Voyage, A*Men, And AdG, 212; but these four among others I find have cheap garish drydowns, it's either fabric softener, a confection stand at the movies, or rotting soda...I think alot of these fragrances gain popularity because they're all flash on the top notes that make for great testers for sales associates to move product; but wearing them in the course of the day makes you appreciate the need for a classy drydown; especially if youre a professional or out on a date. Nothing worse than realizing in a business meeting that you smell like a downy dryer sheet or a cheap bar of soap!

On the other hand Expensive drydowns I own include:

Joop! This one has the opposite problem, top notes smell cheap and garish but drydown is money!

La Nuit de L'Homme: dunno how YSL does it but they made a virtual acquatic that doesn't smell like a teen deodourant stick on the drydown.

Contradiction: I've mentioned it before but the drydown on this one is very classy and well done.

Silver Mountain Water: sadly you get to the drydown 15 mintes in...but it's amazing while it lasts!

Any others that are either quality from top to base notes or at least in the long mid-to-basenotes?