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    Hi All

    I am just wondering if anyone has tried this fragrance in the heat? I love it and was wondering how it stands up to the spring and summer weather!



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    Hmmm....good question. It is heady, isn't it? It's my favorite of the J'adore flankers. I'm thinking if you judiciously spritz it would be nice in the heat. But I also think it might get cloying if you over apply. I did try this in the summer, and I don't remember feeling like I wish I could take it off.

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    I just tried it this past fall, and all I can say is it is beautiful. I imagine it would stand up well to anything. In hot weather, however, I'd probably like it better as an evening scent, but I tend to go for lighter, fresher daytime scents anyway. On a summer or spring balmy evening I can imagine its richness wafting on the evening breeze.

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