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    Default Carner Barcelonda D600

    I received some samples from a fellow BNer (Thanks brotha!) and one of them was D600. I've read several comparisons to Dior Homme, so i was excited to try this out since i do love DH. I just received my package and already have my SOTD on, but i put a quick spray on some my left forearm and WOW, this stuff is amazing, I do see the similiaraties, but i'm getting a bit of woods, with strong blast of iris. I'm not sure what the longevity is going to be like but this is a must try if you are a fan of Iris.

    Anyone else tried this?

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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    Yes, I did. And I find it a really comforting, warm, cozy scent. With iris, yes, but even that usually cold note is warm in it.

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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    This line is like OK, nothing nasty or really wrong, but nothing really good enough for me to want a bottle.

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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    A great frag - it was one of those "I will not leave the store without this" buys. I didn't notice any similarity to DH, but I wasn't really looking for it, so I will pay attention next time. Thanks for the tip! I did think it was a good work scent, like DH, when I first smelled it.

    This is a nice house - the other offerings seemed equally good, but this was the one that wowed me.
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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    Tried this line on my last trip to New York when stopping at Min - personally wasn't impressed.

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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    I personally think that D600 is closer to DH Colgne! That's how I feel the iris note.... very powdery without the make-up bag smell.

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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    I much prefer this over DH. It's a great scent. Classy, refined, modern and urban.

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    Default Re: Carner Barcelonda D600

    Good but not great. Does not smell like DH.

    IMO DH is better.

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