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    Default Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Light

    Any opinions on this?

    I get a light aquatic with a bit of green and florals. Just sprayed it a bit ago so I don't think I can detect any of the base notes. I faintly get the clove.

    Very subtle, very light, pleasant. Doesn't jump out at you but well blended.

    I think of it like the blue aquatic scents but a shade better than most. Some have that harsh, synthetic,
    metal bit. None of that here.

    2-19-12 UPDATE

    Now that I've tried this a bit I feel my first impressions were a bit off. Now the top notes are mostly a sweet spice. I do smell the clove again. I guess it does drydown musky but by that point it's easy to miss it altogether. Not really aquatic or green at all. Sweeter than I remembered. I've been using it as a air freshener and It works quite well in that capacity. I don't love heavy room scents. It really is a nice blend and I'll try to find something else to layer it with. I'm flying today so this is my scent of the day. Something that allows me to wear a scent with no risk of offending other passengers in tight quarters. Probably be very close to the skin or non-existent when i board in 4 hours or so.
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    Default Re: Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Light

    I like it. One of my female coworkers gifted it to me, after discovering it wasn't a perfume. It smells nice, but it's very light, and doesn't seem to last very long at all. An hour tops. Quite disappointed at the longevity, but other than that: very pleasant. Definetely a summer fragrance.

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    Default Re: Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Light

    I bought one recently. It is very light. Not a bad buy for $15. Reminded me of a sterilized Kouros Cologne Sport.

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    Default Re: Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Light

    Not bad but nothing special IMO.

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    Lagerfeld's Kapsules were made to me layered with each other.
    They are all quite boring and blah on their own.
    You need to buy all three of them, and find your fave combi.
    The public never really got that thus them being discontinued.

    My fave combi: 2 sprays of Floriental - let it dry.
    Then 1 sptay of Woody on top of that!

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    Default Re: Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule Light

    Kapsule Light has been showing up at TJ Maxx for more than a month now priced at a steal: $14.99. Unfortunately, it's the weakest of the trio IMHO. I think Floriental is the best unisex, and the cherry tobacco note is the star of the show. I rarely get compliments from people about fragrances, but got two from middle-aged women. Too bad I bat for the other team.

    Woody is more masculine, and it's second best. I still very much enjoy Light, and if you want to complete the collection, you'll have to shop around elsewhere. The best sale price I've seen on Woody and Floriental is around $25. Don't pay $50+ for either.

    These are all very different from Lagerfeld's earlier scents, which are pretty harsh on the masculine side.

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