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    Default New Fragrances: Heeley Bubblegum Chic, L’Amandière and Agarwoud


    Niche line Heeley has launched a new trio of fragrances in Extrait de Parfum: Bubblegum Chic, L’Amandière and Agarwoud.

    Bubblegum Chic (shown) ~ “Jasmine is one of my very favourite scents. However, it is notoriously ephemeral, so I wanted to make a jasmine with a degree of intensity without altering it’s true character. The result gives a scent that has accents of red fruit, almost like strawberry. The scent is direct, intense and intoxicating; like a sexual fantasy. On a woman: Drop dead gorgeous.” With jasmine, fruity notes, tuberose and white musk.

    L’Amandière ~ “Almond trees in blossom, bluebells, hyacinths, spring flowers, rose, green grass, jasmine and tileul (French for lime blossom), L’Amandière has a complex structure and is full of life and intelligence. I tried to include many of the scents that my girlfriend loves (including almond) and assemble them to create an imaginary, Spring orchard. If Bubblegum Chic is a fantasy than this is reality! On a woman: French kissing in a country orchard.” With almond, hyacinth, lime blossom, jasmine, rose, green notes, grass, hawthorn and woods.

    Agarwoud ~ “A highly precious, natural resinous extract from the forests of Vietnam and Laos, Agarwood has been used for devotion for centuries. It posses dark, woody, animal-like qualities that are an ‘acquired taste’. I wanted to do a version of this scent that was elegant, contemporary and clean, yet in which the unique character of oud was instantly recognisable. On a man: Prince Siddhartha. On a woman: Once upon a time …” With rose, oud, frankincense and ambergris.

    Heeley Bubblegum Chic, L’Amandière and Agarwoud can be found now at First in Fragrance in Germany, in 50 ml for 150€.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Heeley Bubblegum Chic, L’Amandière and Agarwoud

    L’Amandière sounds fantastic & really like something I would enjoy. I can't get enough of almond blossom notes. Anyone smell it?
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