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Thread: Gucci Guilty?

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    Default Gucci Guilty?

    I notice there are no reviews for Gucci Guilty pour homme in the BN fragrance directory I smelt a sample of it and I thought it was quite nice. Anyone any thoughts on Gucci Guilty and is it worth buying?

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    Default Re: Gucci Guilty?

    I think it's quite nice too.

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    Default Re: Gucci Guilty?

    I sampled it again yesterday. Close to buying it.

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    Default Re: Gucci Guilty?

    Talk about this fragance and hugo boss stuff are a sin in BN.. but im a sinner, i like it... if you like and feel great about it,. go ahead..thats the important thing.

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    Default Re: Gucci Guilty?

    it's a total rip of Diesel Only The Brave, with the Diesel being a better scent.

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    Nice, but a powdery copy Allure Homme Sport (or a mix of AHS and Diesel Only the Brave)

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    I like it, even if some notes are rather generic, they are anything but unpleasant

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    Default Re: Gucci Guilty?

    I like it, but like the Intense version better.

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