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    Default Any opinions on Blanc Violette?

    I sampled this Histoires des Parfums fragrance today and really enjoyed it. So much so that I regretted only trying it on a card, as it piques my curiosity. Next time. Disappointingly, there is only a single review of it in the basenotes directory, and not a single thread devoted to it. I thought perhaps a few people might have some opinion on this fragrance that they would like to share?

    My impression is basically of a cool violet fragrance that is unusually natural-smelling. I say 'unusually' because violets are so often expressed loudly, synthetically or monolithically - here, an illusion of a more complicated living flower has been created by the well-blended supporting notes. In particular, ylang-ylang is used interestingly - it is not noticeable in it own right, but its effect on the 'fullness' of an elusive note is rather paradoxically clever. For this violet note is exactly as I most enjoy it - elusive and retiring. Indeed, I only like coquettish, shrinking violets that intrigue by periodically fading from notice so that one must search for them. Violette Blanc had me chasing the intermittently perceptible violets from moments after application. It can be a fun game, but I find that not many violet fragrances are formulated for the people who enjoy playing it. (I remember once smelling a tincture of forget-me-nots that had a similar quality to violets in this regard, though as I was a child when I smelled it I don't know if my memory is accurate.)

    Is there is an historical agenda for this fragrance, as there are for others in the Histoires des Parfums line? Its name doesn't suggest one. I am not even sure if 'white violet' refers to the Canadian/American endemic flower, or to a figurative violet (as iris is a supporting note, and I for one tend to imagine iris as white). I am not sure what it is formally attempting.

    Blanc Violette is almost a soliflore, and thus likely to be disdained by those who prefer clear note separation, but I think it may be flying under the radar as a satisfying treatment of the note. As it was only on a card, I unfortunately can't assess longevity or various other factors beyond the realm of first impression.

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    Default Re: Any opinions on Blanc Violette?

    Quote Originally Posted by Merely View Post
    I am not even sure if 'white violet' refers to the Canadian/American endemic flower, or to a figurative violet (as iris is a supporting note, and I for one tend to imagine iris as white).
    I've been told the specific smell of violet is rendered by using odorous substances distilled from dried iris-root. A violet soliflor would be very interesting to me because I own a very early rendition in L.T.Piver - Floramye (orig. 1905). In that the basic aroma chemicals are accompanied by some fragile, slightly sour root-y and aldehydic aspects. The bottle is decorated by iris, though. Violet ones ;-)

    I'll take a sample next time.

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