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    Default Is your nose trained - ASAQ oud/agarwood blends

    I finally decided to expand my wardrobe and after investing in Guerlain extreme, Terre Hermes EDP and many more traditional (10 others), I decided to visit Abdul Al Samad Al Kuraish (ASAQ) and buy some oud/agarwood blends. Afer sampling most of the blends, i went for 3 safe bets (safe since my nose is still sensative to pure ouds):
    1. Ithar
    2. Oud Musk
    3. Ghadeer

    While obviously Oud Musk is agarwood and musk, I am seeking trained noses that can help me figure out the dominant notes in Ithar and Ghadeer. My guess that Ithar might have some Amber (it is also dark red colored if that helps) . Thoughts on dominant notes? What similarly inspired blends do you recommend from Yas, Ajmal or other oud perfumers?

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    Default Re: Is your nose trained - ASAQ oud/agarwood blends

    Thanks for your pm.

    I'd need to smell them though.
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Is your nose trained - ASAQ oud/agarwood blends

    Like hedonist, I might be able to help you with the notes, but I would also have to smell the frags first. I might very well have smelled them before, but don't own any of them.

    Based on my limited experience with these types of Arabian mukhallets with oud, they typically might contain amber, cedar, patchouly, saffron, rose, or sandalwood. At least most of the ones I've tried tend towards those notes individually or in various combinations. I think they tend to be more simply constructed than the typical European fragrance and don't contain a lot of ingredients.

    From Ajmal I would recommend Mukhallet Dehan Al Oud Moattaq and Khallab, which are both available in their own packaging. The Moattaq is an oud and rose blend, while Khallab is oud and spices. I just bought Tharwaan, which is another oud and rose, but haven't spent much time with it so far.

    From Yas I would recommend getting tolas (or fractions thereof) of Abu Khalifa, Abu Rashid, and Abu Sultan. These are rather expensive, but I like them a lot.

    If you want to try a really good musk, go for ASAQ's Black Musk Ghazal. It is quite strong and animalic, similar to Ajmal's AA Black Musk Ghazelle, but more floral smelling and refined. It is also about 4-5 times the price of the Ajmal. Great for layering with other stuff. Many people like ASAQ's White Musk, but white musks in general just don't do much for me.

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