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    Default Looking for some recomendations...

    Hi, just asking for some niche recommendations to smell.
    I am looking for:
    Some Gourmands
    Some Aquatics
    A Signature Scent
    Some fruity
    Some wintery stuff
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Looking for some recomendations...

    Gourmand: Chinatown (mixed gourmand)
    aquatics: none (but if you really want to hurt yourself, Tirrenico by Profumi del Forte).
    signature: Gold man (huge floral)
    fruity: Lutens Feminite de bois (candied fruits and cedar)
    wintery: Knize Ten (rich leather)


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    Default Re: Looking for some recomendations...

    Montale Black Musk
    Micallef Shaanan

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    Default Re: Looking for some recomendations...

    Wow....sounds like you would like suggestions for every type of fargrance ha

    Try Creed Aventus & MI, Frapin 1270, Tom Ford Oud Wood, Heeley Sel Marin, Chanel Egoiste not Platinum
    Sounds like someones having a case of the Mondays

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    Default Re: Looking for some recomendations...

    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf - One is immediately treated to a fresh and cooling, citrus opening, furnished by the zesty grapefruit, nectarous mandarin and tart bergamot, with a twist of sharp mint. Tumbling to the flush middle, the sweet florals of fruity freesia, green geranium, earthy violet, light lavender and citrusy orange bloosom are nicely encased by the warm and pleasant spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. This lovely, strong heart meanders to the robust base. Here, a pastiche of evocative leather, lively incense, creamy amber, sweet vanilla, murky vetiver, resinous labdanum, clean treemoss, smoky guaiacwood, carroty iris, dry white cedar, bright sandalwood, powdery tonka beans, herbaceous patchouli and soapy white musk bombard you with scents you have experienced a thousand times before. Remarkably, this motley assault leads to an entertaining and intriguing drydown. This high-quality enterprise is very versatile in light of its kaleidoscopic heads, and can be worn any time and any season. A one-stop wonder, this amalgamated composition has excellent longevity and good projection.

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