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    Default Voluspa Baltic Amber Aroma Room and Body Spray

    I picked up a bottle of this today for $15 at Anthropologie. Although I personally have a problem with using a "room spray" on my body, I do think this is one of the few truly masculine room sprays I have come across and a very nice aroma for the house.

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    Default Re: Voluspa Baltic Amber Aroma Room and Body Spray

    You might also like Voluspa Suede Blanc. That is another more masculine scent by Voluspa. It is popular as a body spray but I understand your discomfort in using a room spray as a body spray.

    Votivo Champaca, Black Ginger and Amberwood room sprays are also masculine. They are not body sprays.

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    Default Re: Voluspa Baltic Amber Aroma Room and Body Spray

    Hello! Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just bought the Baltic Amber and it says "aroma room and body spray" in little embossed letters on the box. I guess it's formulated to be safe for the body. Ingredients listed are SD alcohol, water, fragrance, and essential oils.

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