I am planning to make some new purchases and need advise on what to buy next.

My current wardrobe:
Angel Therry Mugler
L'instant extreme, Guerlin
Terre Hermes EDP
Damascus Oud by Montale
Black Oud by Montale
Bulgari Black - dont fancy the rubbery scent that much
Cool Water
Rochas Man
Honea Morea HM
L'eau D'Issey
Ambre Sultan - Serge Lutten

For parties:
Le Male
Forgivable by Sean Jean

GIT - coming soon
MI - coming soon
Noir de Noir - coming soon
Tobacco Vanilla - coming soon
M7 vintage - coming soon
Musc Ravageur - coming soon

What fragrance type or dominant scent am I missing? I am considering classics like Habit Rouge EDP, Eau Sauvage however open to other idea. I like Oud/Agarwood however not the pure oud oil types that our too oudy. I am not too fond of getting more gourmonds and I don't like leather scent. I am open to ideas however require that they have high sillage/projection and above average longitivity. Also considering the recent purchases i made, I won't consider purchase options that more expensive than $100.