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    Default My cologne doesn't work??

    One of my family friends gave me a 50mL bottle of Versace Eau Fraiche for men for Christmas, but the thing is, it doesn't seem to work on me. I can use 6 sprays and no one seems to be able to smell it, in fact I can barely smell it on myself. I spray it after I get out of the shower, once on each side of the neck, once on each wrist, and twice on the chest. Is it the cologne? or is it just my skin or something?

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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    Usually, one is not able to smell things on oneself after a while. But if other people are not able to smell, then it means it's evaporating too fast. "Fresh" perfumes tend to evaporate fast in general, so they seldom last long on anybody, and on some people less than on others. Spraying right after a shower doesn't help longevity, because the skin is usually drier, better wait some time for the skin to get back to normal.

    Clothes keep smells for much longer, so you could try spraying your shirt or the like to increase longevity. And explore different things in the future (eg. vetiver is a fresh material that tends to last a long time).


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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    It could be many factors: the specific scent, your body chemistry, where you apply it or a combination of all of these. Keep trying until you find the one that works best for you.

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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    Spray it 12 times to the shirt. Will last for a good amount of time.

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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    Ask others if they can smell it.

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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    it probably gone bad, maybe been through too many temperature changes.

    or it can be a fake one ive heard this was a common one.

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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    Another good idea that has been mentioned before in a similar thread is the use of an unscented moisturizer to help increase longevity and projection.
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    Default Re: My cologne doesn't work??

    Probably spray this one about 30 times. half on the clothes.
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