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    Unhappy Buying rare/expensive essential oils off Ebay

    I am in process of completing my "basic begginers" perfumers organ.
    I am getting pretty frustrated about one thing. The prices of Tuberose, Rose and Orange Flower essential oils/absolutes. Especially Tuberose - the prices are horrendous!
    And i want to buy it pretty bad.

    There are pretty good offers on ebay (0,5ml Tuberose solvent extracted) for 9$ , Neroli 2,75$ and Rose similar. 0,5 ml would be just fine for me for the moment but i want to buy the real stuff.

    Is the seller sleepingdragonscompany reliable?
    Do you know any reliable sellers selling fine perfumery quality EO's? Is buying on Ebay risky and what should I look on to avoid getting scammed with my EO's/absolutes/essences.

    I really want to buy Tuberose so bad, but i don't want to spend 50 pounds on 2 ml of absolute.

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    Default Re: Buying rare/expensive essential oils off Ebay

    With any of the very expensive oils (any oil for that matter, but it’s worse with the expensive ones) if you find something well below market price you need to ask yourself why. The most likely answer is that it’s either:

    1) an out and out fake (an accord made up with synthetics - nothing wrong with those per se - but if you want one of those you can buy one from Perfumer’s Apprentice at a realistic price for what it is) or

    2) the real thing but adulterated with something else - the something else could be anything from jojoba oil to DPG, to an accord or just a single synthetic. It could even be another natural oil - rose otto is often cut with geranium oil.

    Only buy at below market price if you are convinced that the reason it’s cheap isn’t one of the above. In general, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
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    Default Re: Buying rare/expensive essential oils off Ebay

    I have bought beeswax absolute and samples of rose essential oil from sleepingdragoncompany and everything seems legit and dissolves beautifully in alcohol. That doesn't mean they're not adulterated somehow, but at least it's not with some diluting oil. I have some geranium as well as black pepper essential oil that was in a carrier oil and it wouldn't dissolve in alcohol. I only needed a drop of the rose oils in 5ml of alcohol to get strong fragrance. If you decide to buy from them I think they accept "best offers" on many of their items so definitely go that way rather than simply "buy it now".

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    Default Re: Buying rare/expensive essential oils off Ebay

    We offer tuberose absolute from india

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