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    Default the best true rose scent

    Hello guys,

    every winter I get this funny desire for a rose fragrance. I can´t tell why in the coldest of days, I do always lust for a rose fragrance. I want it to be a true rose. I have lots of perfumes with roses integrated somewhere but in this season I want the rose to shine as purely as possible.
    I do love the idea of rosa centifolia in full bloom. Soft, fresh yet voluptous.
    I do love frederic malle une rose and do like rose de siwa by mdci.

    Do you have some ideas for the perfect rose scent for me?

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Hello, Mademoiselle_Nicole. Creed Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare is beautiful - clear, green, tender, pure rose. True to life rose.
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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    tdem1961, thank you i will absolutely try this. sounds really beautiful.

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Joop Le Bain, especially vintage, may be another worthy and quite reasonably priced suggestion (yet good value for money, since it smells anything but cheap in spite of its rather affordable cost). It combines a complexity of rose notes quite skillfully associated, never too imbalanced, overpowering nor sweet, also never becoming too "perfumy" nor floral- in fact, this fragrance can be described (at least, in my opinion) as quite convincing learning experience as to how complex rose notes can actually be. From the utmost fresh, almost sporty, at any rate very energetic, light, almost solar and invigorating rose notes (very subtle and yet refreshing) to the deep, mature, elegant yet again not too heavy complexity other rose notes may suggest.

    Worthy of some testing if sampling is easily possible, yet perhaps not an immediate blind buy, since this fragrance may actually develop over time various complex nuances, far more like an expensive one and these very nuances might need a certain extensive time for skin evolution and to consider whether they are ultimately full bottle worthy (or not).

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose.

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Highness Rose Parfum by Montale
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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Annick Goutal Rose Absolue is more of a Rosa centifolia smell. Also Montale Highness Rose, as hednic suggested.

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Rose de Taif by Perris Monte Carlo is a lovely rose that you might want to sample. April Aromatics San Francisco Rose is also very nice.

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Perfume Calligraphy Rose by Aramis.

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose is a lovely green, dewy rose. Very vivid and textural.

    I'll second Hednic's mention of Highness Rose. Very literal ( it's really just rose ), but it's one of the odd quality releases in the Montale line.
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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Hi madammoiselle_nicole I agree with Sugandaraja's suggestion of Sa Majesté la Rose. There is also the very beautiful Rose de Nuit which is a more sultry rose, I only mention it because find it works very well for me in cold weather.
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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Here in the US, Perfumer's workshop tea rose can be had very inexpensively, and I think it's a very good realistic rose.

    Have you tried the sample set of Parfums de Rosine? They have rose in all its possible variations and combinations, it's likely that one of them will strike your mood at any time.


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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    I Love Armani Prive Rose D'Arabie... My favorite Rose so far!!!

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    Xerjoff 17/17 Dama Rose truly amazing! I understand it may have been reformulated, so hunt down the earlier simpler package and not the newer leatherette box.

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    Default Re: the best true rose scent

    I'm no rose expert, but IMO Malle's Une Rose and Guerlain's Rose Barbare are both excellent roses
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