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    Default Looking for a new scent

    Hi all. I'm looking for something new in the perfume department--spring fever maybe? Anyway, I tend towards the classics, orientals, florals and chypres, but I'm open minded and will try things outside of those parameters. I'd like to stay with things that can be purchased at a department store, but am open to niche perfumes. I don't like candy, cake, or fruity scents. I do like tropicals, florals, and spicy, but no patchouli--I don't want much do I?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Default Re: Looking for a new scent

    Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
    Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia
    Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere
    Chanel Coco
    Prada Infusion d'Iris
    Pleasures Exotic Estee Lauder
    Paloma Picasso


    1889 Moulin Rouge Histoires de Parfums
    Chanel Rue Cambon
    Chanel La Pausa
    Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
    Weil Antilope
    Weil Zibeline
    Guerlain Vol de Nuit
    Madame Rochas
    Rochas Femme
    Caron Nuit de Noel
    Caron Bellodiga
    Memoir Woman by Amouage
    Ormonde Woman
    Annick Goutal Songes
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